5 types of home additions that don’t require permission from the district office

For those who buy a home or buy a townhouse/townhome Sometimes you might go see a house addition. Or do you have an idea to modify some parts of the house? This makes many people want to expand their homes to increase usable space. However, in most housing projects, the house will be designed by the available land area. Including the proportions of various usable areas and most of the piles chosen are the...

Leasehold vs. Freehold -How are they different?

What is Leasehold? Leasehold is partial ownership for a certain period of time through renting or buying a property. This means the property would return to the freeholder (or landlord) upon expiry unless there is a renewal. This type of rental/buying is common for investors due to cheaper prices and lower costs. However, there may be the risk of damage to the property in case of a...

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