General questions that investors should know

Condo in Pattaya, Phuket is located on the top 8, with a 7-10% return on rent.

An idea before choosing to return the yield guarantee

  • The property must be in a location with a housing requirement rather than a long-term housing such as tourist city or industrial estates.

Because of this kind of location, tenants often come to rest or work short-term. Not permanent residence such as in Bangkok. As well as life style and demand that needs to be fully comfortable, these cities will need to have growth rate. Someone wants to come over to move out

It is important to see a good trend, both buy-sell, because if one is required to leave the property, it must be in a location where people know there should be no negative profit, take our risk to a slow-growing location, or don’t have enough points, making the price not running until it is not worth the money invested.

  • The property is managed to look good and tidy.

Maintaining a safe and pleasant project is not easy, including fastidious problems in maintenance.
Choosing to invest in a professional project is better than letting the owner of a self-care property by surrendered.
What is the best way to find a project?

How to choose from Portfolio Management the most experienced, reputable, or number of projects ever managed. Make it easy for shoppers to follow
Whether you’re visiting those projects on your own, or even contacting your home. To the satisfaction of their What’s the problem?

  • The source of return and timing is all clear. The source of the number must be displayed.

Deciding factor Do not look at the subject of high yields. A very long period of time, or has been persuaded to forget the fact that all businesses are at cost, so before choosing to invest them, ask for details. Rewards make sure that things are obtained. Not too much reality.

Yield (YLD) This refers to the return on investment. Rent a condo which is key to investing in real estate, as well as to help investors to determine the rental price in accordance with the market conditions and location of the project. The definition of Yield is divided into two types:

  • Rental Yield is the rate of return on sale.

This is due to the calculation of the original Thunrakha, the purchased unit and the expected rental cost of the condominium rental, which allows investors to know the total number of returns throughout the year. It is divided into three categories:

Gross rental Yield is the primary return on the lease.

NET rental Yield is the rate of return on lease.

Cash on Cash Rental Yield is the rate of return from the cash

  • Yield Guarantee is the guarantee of return on rental by the operator.

It is the one-way marketing strategy that the operator has set the benefits into numbers and time clearly. To return to the buyer or investor who wants to return on holding the suite. Thus, investors are confident about investing in such projects. This is the form of guaranteed return. It is often found in locations where the rental demand is more than buying itself. Most of them are located in tourist cities or large-scale jobs with many expats.

We can gain up to two bounce from the condo rental release:

  • Yield, return on investment, rent a condo, or return on the sale of the condo, which is usually in the investment with the condo. We should choose a project with a return rate of about 2 6-8% of the price.
  • Capital Gain Differences on sales The ratio of profit or loss from the sale or return on sale to the condo or property, the price will rise over time because land is a limited resource.

It is known that the percentage of Yield is more effective for investing as it indicates the level of return an investor will receive. In most of the investment, the investment project must have a yield rate of 6-8% or a simple call that should be higher than the average loan rate of 2% in order not to be future burden.

By law, foreigners are prohibited from holding ownership of land or house, but can be registered to the Thai company to have the right to purchase land and property.

How to register a Thai company by giving Thai people holding 51% or more shares and foreigners holding up to 49%, and the financial evidence of all Thai shareholders is required to show that it is not a foreign currency.

  • Transfer fees 2% of the appraisal price or sales price Select calculate at a higher price.
  • A specific business tax of 3.3% of the trading price is not lower than the appraisal value of the Department of Land, except that it does not have to be paid in case of over 5 years, or the name of the house registration exceeds 1 year.
  • A stamp duty of 0.5% of the trading price but not lower than the appraisal value of the Department of Land if a specific business tax is paid. The exception is not to pay stamp duty.
  • Personal income tax (deducted at the expense) according to the Revenue department

This question does not have a fixed answer. It depends on how the buyer wants to invest in such a way. If you buy the deal, you can buy it at a cheap price but take longer than the project. If the project is pending construction The benefit is a shorter investment period and starts to assess the structure and project as expected to be in accordance with the plan that the project is placed in, or some are invested in with the completed property, ready to be one hand or second hand. The advantage is that it is ready to be prepared or ready for rental immediately, that means investing in the immediate return and if a good beat can be purchased at the right price from those who want to sell fast, but the downside is that you must pay in full.

You can borrow funds from your bank to buy real estate. But it depends on whether you have the ability to borrow money. If so, how much will the bank consider from the customer’s revenue? The ability to repay debts to the bank and other consideration criteria of each bank.

Usually, once the deposit is placed. No deposit will be refunded in any case or in case you place a booking with a project and change your mind. This can be done, but it must depend on the requirements of each project.

There are many types of deed in Thailand, but we discuss the title deed, Suite or Book of ownership of a suite, a letter of ownership The owner of the suite can make a legal, mortgage, or deposit trading process.

If you have a work permit, you can open a deposit account for any bank in Thailand. If no work permit is required, see the conditions of each bank.

Registration of ownership, whether land, house or condo, must be registered and performed at the Office of the land responsible for that zone.

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    Questions to prepare before you go

    Before starting a business of all types The first thing that the investor, as well as the majority of businessmen, is to explore the market to be sure when the customer has begun to invest. It is the same place to explore the market based on external factors of the area where you want to invest in the location of a residential size. The convenience of travel to meet the customer group.

    Start exploring the market for the property you want to invest if you have a customer to rent your address? Because customers don’t have a real estate model like you, they’re looking for a comfortable housing at a cost-effective price for them. This is the first place to make sure that the property you are going to invest in is a support market?

    Even if you come across a real estate location such as a central condo near the Skytrain and you’ve been exploring, this condo is a golden strategy spot near many facilities such as a fresh market mall. But you also need to make sure that the condo to invest will be available to rent or buy anyway?

    This method of thinking uses the same way as if your general marketing time audience is, let’s ask your customers what they are doing. How to get there? What is the daily routine? How much salary can I pay for my room rental?

    Why is it needed to use this idea? Due to a property’s investment, there is no tenant or purchase. This will allow you to pay the bank’s own installment fee for each month. In addition, all other maintenance costs, including global self-tenant, are paid on a monthly installment, which increases the burden on your own costs.

    Do you know? That the faulty money management could make the property that you aim to get lost.

    You will have a complete walk-up document. However, there is no reason to make this sum a loss of investment due to not exploring your financial liabilities first. You have to wait for the time the bank will approve the other 2-3 months to finish managing your old story with the bank before, but it is too slow for someone to buy before you. It will spoil both time and chance to create profit in the future.

    This question requires you to come back to your financial liquidity before submitting a loan, as your financial issue will affect your loan for a simple, multi-person loan. Due to financial issues that have not been cleanups, as well as any other debt or unpaid issues with the bank, the bank may not be able to provide you with a loan.

    It is already understood that every investment is always at risk. In order to invest in real estate, it is also a requirement to invest in high-value investments, and most of them need to be paid for. The loan is due to the bank’s borrowing period, but the property is low liquidity because it is not an asset that is traded or rented for a quick period of time. To pass through several stages of contract. To transfer It is a long time to take action.

    Risk of investing in real estate In addition to liquidity. Do I have to take into account that people will rent our rooms all the month? Because when there is no rental in the month, all costs will be pushed back to your personal needs to pay the installment with the bank itself. In addition, properties such as the condominium room. The house has a depreciation that the owner will have to pay for repairs.

    Come back to the question of whether you can get the risks mentioned above? However, these risks may not happen to everyone depending on the selection of the property with the market and the economic conditions of the time.

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