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Introducing the new Phuket condos as a new Phuket condo project where investors need to keep an eye on the well-being of the high-return and attractive international tourists and the development of the new Phuket city. Investors will be confident to invest in this project. The project itself is designed to take into account the residents. Focus on freshness, comfort and real relaxation.

7% for 5 years
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Book today, get discount up to 400,000 baht only for registered guests online.

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Wyndham Group 4th World Hotel Chains

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Near Phuket airport only 35 minutes near Kamala Beach 2.5 km Just 25 minutes to Rawai Harbor

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Select Center , we introduce new Phuket condos with a great location of Phuket, where tourism grows every year. The key factors that make it an investment

  • The location is very good and the hotel is very clean.
  • More than 80 project bookings are available. Before the price will rise.
  • Manage professional hotel Rentals by Wyndham Group , the world’s 4th hotel chain.
  • We take care of every step with every investment consultation and take you to visit the place.
  • Enjoy free access to a private vacation and make money. Do not manage your own hassle.
  • 7-year guarantee for 5 years and guaranteed return on project 110
  • The project location is located in popular tourist zone and offers high returns. It is a project that is worth investing.

Real estate investment, whether land, condo, home, townhome, commercial building More and more days, investors have both old and new-hand traders to pay attention. That’s because real estate investing can make money. While using a small amount of investment. If you learn how and how to invest

Many people find more channels to create profit from existing funds. Many people are interested in investing in real estate because the price is another asset that is often adjusted by the rate. Inflation If you are the one who is interested, start investing in real estate.

Before new traders will be able to seize the rich opportunity of investing in property, whether home or condo. It is recommended that you need to prepare your financial condition and provide It is also necessary to fully understand the style of investing in each condo type so that you can not regret it later.

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