Guaranteed return of 6 for 5 years

Guaranteed for 30 years of return

The first 5 years free

Rebate interest under construction 2-6

There is a jacuzzi bath, body massage system and a spa in every room.

Meeting Room for Banquet

Free for 7-20 days per year on the hotel chain of Wyndham.


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Attractive rewards

Idea The design reflects the modern elegance, but is naturally inserted by the marble, the pattern of stone and wood, and lush from the ground to the roof, with a beautiful clear-water swimming pool that feels like a seaside getaway. The vast boundaries and areas of every lifestyle are relaxing in the atmosphere of nature, creating independence and escaping from city life.

6 for 5 years
Guaranteed reward

Managed by
Wyndham Group 4th World Hotel Chains

30 years old
Continuing returns

3.2 Delete.
Start price

2% - 6%
Cash rebate during construction

First 5 years
Free public fee

7-40 days/year
Free stay in Wyndhan hotel chain

Fully furnished

Floor Plan

Free Investment Consultation