Luxury DELUXE STYLE Condo-High Rise 40 Resort style

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The Riviera Monaco, Na Chom Thian, is a high rise luxury condo project in the 3rd of the group, well known as the Riviera Group.
The luxury style condo at High Rise 40, a classic resort design class, located just 200 metres from Na Jomtien Beach.
And plenty of shopping facilities. The perfect solution for a life.

Project type
The luxurious, 40-class high rise condominiums are designed with unique modern style. 3 Rai/Work/28 Square WA Total number of rooms 412 room number 40 floors 97 parking spaces

Point of Sale Project
A choice of multi-style suites Infinity Sky Pool on 21st floor, Panorama style. Five minutes ' walk from Na Chom Thian and tourist attractions 77 The suite is facing the water without confusion. Be approved according to EIA standards Easy access to main road Sukhumvit

Room size
Studio S1 Studio 24.70 Sq. 1 Bedroom A1 1 Bedroom 31.00 Sq. 2 bedroom B1 2 Bedroom 90.00 sq. m B1J 2 Bedroom 92.30 sq. m Duplex DUPLEX A 4 Bedroom 195.00 sq. m 1st Floor 117.00 sq. m DUPLEX B 2 Bedroom 130.00 sq. m 2nd Floor 46.00 Sq. m

The convenience
Five minutes ' walk from Na Chom Thian and tourist attractions Easy access to main road Sukhumvit Multi-level pool, children's pool, patio Sunbathing, fountains and waterfalls Children's play room with 2 full tennis courts It features a fitness center and a shady landscape game room. Large open-air water pavilion

Number of rooms
Total units 412 rooms/Total 40 floors

Floor Plan

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