Guaranteed 8 annual rental fee from room purchase price

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A dimension of outstanding 3-Zone 3-style, for those looking for shelter
With 3 zones, 3 atmosphere, and you can choose a life. Completed forecast year 2563

8 Annual rental Fee
Guaranteed 8 annual rental fee from room purchase price Guarantee for purchase of a night At a higher price at the end of the lease.

Project type
4 Storey building (G, 1, 2, 3) with 6 buildings Every building is surrounded by a relaxing pool. The project is located next to the intersection. On the ring road around the three is the Community Mall Star Avenue 5 and Kad farang village. A 15-minute walk from Chiang Mai Airport.

Number of rooms
G Floor (1, 2, 3) Qty 6 Buildings/216 units

Room Design
G Floor (1, 2, 3) Total 6 buildings, furniture and appliances 1 Size Studio 32, 5 sq. m.

The convenience
Swimming pool around every building Leisure Hall in the project Key card Access System 24-hour CCTV High-View Fitness center City View 24-hour Market security

Benefits for Customer returns
Free Rental fee Free centralized value throughout the rental contract.

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