What are the preparations for moving into a condo?

What are the preparations for moving into a condo? For anyone who is looking for information on moving into a new condo. Start living in a condo Whether it is buying or renting a condo. Being prepared is important. Many things need to be prepared and understood before moving into a condo, such as preparing contract documents. Prepare necessary items including preparing auspicious times according to personal beliefs

  1. Documents that need to be prepared for moving into a condo
  • Condo rental contract You should check the details of the lease agreement completely and understand it before signing the contract. Because it is a contract that has legal effect
  • Security deposit and rent In the case of renting a condo What are the preparations for moving into a condo? You should prepare a security deposit for damages. (The amount will depend on the condo price), electric meter security deposit, water meter security deposit. According to the details specified within the contract conditions Including the rent according to the schedule
  • Various important documents such as an ID card, copy of ID card Copy of house registration work certificate, or other supporting documents such as a driver’s license, or student card, are to be used to confirm your identity when signing a contract to move into the condo.

2. Items that need to be prepared for moving into a condo

  • Performances and costumes, costumes and costumes from various periods
  • Personal items such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.
  • Electrical appliances and furniture such as sofa beds, etc.
  • Cleaning equipment such as Japan Bathroom cleaning fluid etc.
  • Other items such as cooking equipment, electronic equipment, first aid kits, etc.
  1. Prepare before moving into a condo.
  • Explore the condo room Or check for defects before moving into a condo. What are the preparations? You should survey the condo room to see the condition of the room and various equipment until you are confident that the room you have is in perfect condition and safe for living.
  • Reduce the chance of problems occurring later. Because after transferring ownership of the condo or after 1 year of moving in If found to be defective Will not be able to claim responsibility for the project.
  • Make an appointment with a condo official. If it’s renting a condo When you know the moving date You should notify the condo or condo renter at least 1 month in advance so they can prepare for moving in. Make an appointment to receive room keys and pay.
  • Notification of change of address Notify the change of address to the relevant agency such as house registration, social security, bank, etc. When important documents are delivered, they will not be missed or lost.

Move the destination house registration

Move-in​Move out
Within 15 days after moving inWithin 15 days after moving out
Notify the registration department, district office, or district office.Notify the registration department, district office, or district office.
Fine (in case of delay) 1,000 baht​Fine (in case of delay) 1,000 baht
  • Look at the auspicious time. The auspicious time for moving into a condo or not depends on personal beliefs. Some people are Mu people. It is believed that auspicious times will enhance the prosperity of the residents. make life smooth successful and without obstacles. Some people believe that an auspicious time is an auspicious time that is convenient and meets their needs. Any free day, any convenient day, they move into a new condo on that day.

4. Preparing for the day you move into the condo.

  • Prepare the moving truck Prepare a vehicle to move various items into the condo by choosing a vehicle that is appropriate for the quantity and size of the items you want to move, such as large furniture. large electrical appliances Or many small items may need to use a rental car to transport large items.
  • Prepare someone to help move. If you have a lot of items, you should prepare someone to help move them. If you use a rental car, most will come with someone to lift things. Provide complete service But if you move among yourself, you may pay respects to your relatives. or friends and come help each other
  • Prepare moving equipment You should prepare necessary moving equipment such as cardboard boxes, plastic boxes that are strong and not easily torn, tape for sealing boxes, tying rope, bubble wrap, carts, ladders, etc.

Tips for moving into a condo smoothly and quickly

  • Should prepare all necessary items. In order not to be left behind or have to buy more.
  • Should pack things carefully. In order not to damage the item during transportation.
  • Should take pictures of the room’s condition before moving in. To use as evidence if there is damage.
  • Should survey the room again after moving in. To see whether the various devices work normally or not.

What do you need to prepare for moving into a condo? This is another important step that will make starting life in a new condo without any interruptions. Because preparations have already been made, including documents, necessary items, and auspicious times, it can be done before the day of moving into the condo. And the day of moving into the new condo went smoothly and quickly.

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