Real Estate Investment for Beginners in 2024

1. Speculative investment
Speculative real estate investing It is a form of investment that is popular with new investors, such as making a profit from selling condo reservations. Which is a short-term investment Use little investment to get returns quickly The investment in purchasing reservations will mostly be between 50,000-100,000 baht if counting from the first day the project opens for reservations Most will sell reservations within a month or less to avoid the burden of transferring ownership.

Investment technique: You must study the project location. To make it easy to release and get high profits, The location must be in a good location, close to the electric train, close to work areas. In addition, the needs of buyers must be studied. Number of projects sold in that area, This is an important factor that will allow you to sell reservations quickly and make a profit.

2. Monthly rental investment
This type of investment is Suitable for investors who like to sleep and eat. This may require having hard money or savings to invest. In order not to create a burden in the future, Investors can choose to invest in real estate including condominiums, detached houses, townhouses, and commercial buildings for monthly rental.

The location is an important thing that tenants consider. In addition, the appropriateness of the rental price including furniture and electrical appliances Where renters can pack their bags and move in right away. These are all factors that can attract tenants. There is an opportunity to rent easily and get good returns.

Investment technique: Monthly rental investment Can be created regularly A factor that investors should consider is the selection of real estate that will be rented out. Must be in a good location, close to jobs, and educational institutions, and with reasonable rental prices. Tenants can negotiate. So it will be able to attract tenants in this era.

3. Investing in real estate funds
It is another form of investment with low risk. Suitable for new investors and can continue to invest Moreover, this type of investment does not require a large amount of capital. But it gives consistent returns in the long term. You also receive professional investment management that invests your money in real estate. Focus on providing consistent returns in the form of rent.

The returns will be distributed to unit holders in the form of dividends. At present, real estate funds will give an average return of 6-10%.
Investment Techniques: Even though it is a convenient investment, Even beginners can invest. There is a fund manager responsible for selecting and investing. However, you should study the factors that affect the selection of real estate funds, including location, tenant ratio, dividends, liquidity, and the business in which you invest.

You can study it from the fund’s prospectus. Asset Management Company Investment advisory officer and search for additional fund information on the respective fund’s website

4. Investing in renovating old houses for sale
It is an investment in buying real estate, whether it be a second-hand house or a second-hand condo, to redecorate and then resell. Helps increase the value of houses and condos

Some groups of investors choose to buy real estate. From the auction of the Legal Execution Department, or assets awaiting sale from financial institutions that are cheaper than the market And have a good location to renovate to be in like new condition. Decorate it beautifully, Then resell it at an increased price.

Investment Technique: Consider initially what the overall condition of the house or condo you are interested in is. Is it consistent with the price offered by the seller? And you still have to think about the renovation process. Once this is done, approximately how much will the home’s value increase? Is it worth the investment?

These are all investment styles that help new investors. You can make more investment decisions that suit your own needs in 2024. But don’t forget that every investment has risks. Will it be high risk or low risk? There are all risks. Before investing, you should prepare yourself. Study the type of investment you are interested in. Assess risk How much risk can you take? And is the return worth it or not? Before investing

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article should not be relied upon to make financial decisions or real estate investments. Immediately or legally, Readers should not rely on the information in the article. It does not represent advice from trained professionals who can consider your facts and circumstances. We cannot accept responsibility if you choose to rely on this information to make an informed decision.

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