Do you know the house rental contract?

What is a house rental contract? house rental contract Or a lease agreement (Lease Agreement, Rental Agreement) is a legal contract document that specifies the details of the agreement between the owner of a property such as a house, condo, or commercial building and the tenant to have the right to use that asset. The rental contract includes the rental contract for the house-commercial building rental contract, condominium, etc.

This contract is effective for both parties, the lessor and the lessee. The details of the house rental contract or lease agreement will specify various details, such as the conditions for renting that asset. Name and address of the lessee and owner of the asset. Things that the tenant must follow during the rental period Including detailed conditions for payment of rent.

The importance of a house rental contract Being a lessor or lessee The first important thing that should be done is to make a house rental contract or a contract for a commercial building contract Because this house rental contract is considered a mutual agreement between the landlord and the tenant. to the details of various conditions related to this rental A good house rental contract must be clear, and concise and protect the interests of both the landlord and the tenant. To prevent various problems that may happen next if even the slightest error occurs, it may cause damage to the tenant or landlord.

Therefore, a house rental contract is considered necessary and very important. If any party breaches the contract The other party can bring the written house rental agreement as evidence to bring to court.

Important elements in entering into a house rental contract                                                                        In making a house rental contract There are 3 important components as follows.                                   

  • Contract: It is necessary to specify all the detailed information in the house rental contract, whether it is the information of the lessor or the tenant. Type of property to be rented location Rental period And the last point is the mutual agreement and regulations while renting.
  • Lessor: has an important role in granting possession rights and allowing the lessee to use the asset for the agreed upon lease period. Including the rights to that asset, It can be specified that it is used for residential purposes only so that tenants do not use it for other purposes. In addition to living, There may be a letter transferring ownership to heirs in the event of death.
  • Tenant: An important duty is to strictly comply with the conditions specified in the house rental contract. Make rental payments to the lessor at the agreed price and period. and must always maintain the rented property in good condition When the contract expires, the tenant must return the property to the tenant.

Types of house rental contracts                                                                                                                      In drafting a written rental contract for a house, it must be made into a written contract. so that it can be enforced in law The contract is divided into 2 types

  • House rental contracts for a period not exceeding 3 years, the law allows both parties, the renter and the landlord, to agree among themselves. Without having to travel to sign a house rental contract at the land office.
  • House rental contracts for 3 years or more, the renter and lessor must travel to make a house rental contract at the land office in the district where the house to be rented is located and must do so in front of the official.

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