What should a pet-friendly condo look like?

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  1. What should a Pet-Friendly condo look like? Another aspect that should be considered when choosing a Pet-Friendly condo is room space. The area of each room in a Pet-Friendly condo should be wide and not too small because it can make pets, especially dogs or cats, feel uncomfortable. Especially when there are both people. Living with pets and if the room is less than 28 square meters may seem too cramped. The space for storing things or placing pet items may not be enough and becomes cluttered. In addition, if the room is too small, it may not allow for proper ventilation, which can lead to problems with unwanted odors.
  2. Pet-friendly condo with amenities. Pet-friendly condos that you choose to buy or rent should have facilities suitable for both residents and our pets, whether it’s a Pet Zone or an area for pets to run and play. or walking for exercise, etc.
  3. Pet-friendly condo near amenities. Pet-Friendly Condo here refers to various facilities that are conducive to people and research, shopping for people and children of a clinic or hospital, bathing room, and grooming in the area. You can take your little ones for a walk and exercise.
  4. Interested in a Pet-Friendly Condo? It’s ranked as having an important travel route, which is next to a bus route…not much.

5 Things you should know before buying a Pet-Friendly condo

  1. Before buying or renting a Pet-Friendly condo, it is important to study the regulations of the Pet-Friendly condo in detail first. See what conditions must be strictly followed. If you think that it still doesn’t suit our lifestyle, you will find another Pet-Friendly condo that best meets our needs and our pets.
  2. Pet registration according to the steps of a Pet-Friendly Condo. In registering pets of Pet-Friendly Condo, it will be registered. Record the history of the animal in terms of breed, disease examination certificate requested not more than 30 days old, and this certificate must be sent to the Pet-Friendly Condo every year. Payment of the Pet-Friendly Condo’s annual fee. Payment of initial damage insurance. of Pet-Friendly Condo.
  3. Learn what Pet-Friendly condos have restrictions on keeping pets. For example, some Pet-Friendly condos may only allow small-breed dogs or cats. Or it is a Pet-Friendly condo that does not allow poisonous animals, birds, reptiles, etc.
  4. In using the common areas of the Pet-Friendly Condo, pets must be on a leash and under the supervision of the owner at all times. You must also be careful about cleanliness or unwanted odors. If pets have a bowel movement in common areas, owners must take care of cleaning them properly.
  5. In the case where pets in the Pet-Friendly condo cause an offense, such as creating a nuisance. Attack people in the condo or neighbors’ pets. Owner must show responsibility This may be a fine. If you don’t take action The Pet Friendly condo juristic person will take appropriate action. In extreme cases, animals may not be allowed to be kept in the Pet-Friendly condo.

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